It’s handy to have a dick

Client: Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day symbolizes how much longer women have to work, to be paid what men were paid in the previous year. In 2023 this day falls on March 20. Which means women have to work 22% more than men to earn the same salary.

Although things are slowly getting better, men are still favored over women at the workplace. They are more easily hired, taken more seriously, obtain better positions or promotions and yes, are even paid more. The fact that women (42%) do much more part-time work than men (12%) makes the problem only bigger.

In this year’s Equal Pay Day video, the handshake plays a major part as it symbolizes a lot of things in the professional world. A deal concluded, trust granted, a contract signed or simply respect. All things which are harder to reach for women. In the film we see how women are physically incapable of taking part in these handshakes.

Indeed, they have no dicks. So, no handshakes for them!

This film is directed by Lionel Goldstein and produced by CZAR for ZIJKANT EQUALPAYDAY