Cookie policy

Why this cookie policy?

In this Cookie Policy we describe why and how mortierbrigade uses cookies when you use our chatbox or visit our website. It applies whenever one of our websites, mobile apps, social media pages or hardcopy forms redirects you to this statement.

This statement does not apply to the use of your personal information by websites that are not operated by us, even though links to these websites may be included on ours.

What are cookies?

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are being stored on your computer while visiting a website. Some cookies remain on your equipment for a longer period (permanent cookies), other cookies only for the duration of the visit session (session cookies). Cookies can be placed by the website itself (first party) or by third parties. Furthermore, cookies can also be classified according to their purpose:

Type of cookie


Functional cookies

These cookies are required for the website to work properly. There are essential and non-essential cookies for our website.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to gather statistics (together with a third party) on the functioning of the site. Statistics are useful to get insights into the functioning of the site: where is the site working properly, where can it perhaps be improved. We will only use these cookies with your consent.

Advertising cookies

This type of cookies collects data to send you personalized advertising. Your consent is required for these types of cookies.

What kind of cookies does mortierbrigade use?

When you decline cookies, we only use a session cookie to store your name to enter into discussion with our chatbot. This information will be deleted when you close your browser.

If you accept cookies, your name will be stored in a permanent cookie to recognize you on your next visit of our website.




Retention period

Functional/essential/first party

Typekit by adobe

To provide the Adobe Fonts service, Adobe may collect information about the fonts being served to our website. The information is used for the purposes of billing and compliance with the Adobe License.

Permanent Cookie

Functional/non-essential/first party

Session Cookie

To recognize you when you revisit the website

In case you decline cookies: session cookie- until you close your browser

In case you accept cookies: until your next visit

Analytical/third party

Google Analytics

To analyse how visitors use our website so we can optimize our website and chatbot.

This cookie can be used by Google for advertising purposes.

Permanent cookie

How can you decline cookies?

There are different ways to limit the use of cookies. A few listed here

  • You can accept or decline our cookies when first visiting our platform
  • You can edit the settings in your browser to prevent cookies from being added
  • You can install the by Google developed add-on which blocks any GA-cookie to be installed on your computer

What personal data is collected by cookies?

In case you accept analytical and advertising cookies we record :

• The IP-address, this way our server can determine that you are a unique visitor

• Technical specifications, such as the browser (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) you are using, the resolution of your computer screen and the device you are using

• The page you were referred from

• The time/date and length of your visit

• Which pages you visit

What do we do with the information we collect?

Our goal is to always optimize our website and chatbot. We track your behaviour to improve our services and product. We don’t use the data we collect on our website for direct marketing purposes.

What are your rights and what privacy choices are available to you?

For more information about your rights and your privacy choices, see our privacy policy below.

Where can I find more information about the use of my personal data by mortierbrigade?

For more information see our privacy policy.

Links to other services and platforms

For your convenience and information our website provides links to other websites. These websites and platforms operate independently from mortierbrigade and have their own privacy and cookie policies, which we strongly suggest that you read. These websites and platforms are not controlled by mortierbrigade.