who dares wins.

Lost in Playlists

client: Twin Toes


client: Vluchtelingenwerk


client: Genderkamer - Vlaamse Ombudsdienst

Beat the odds

client: Brussels Mobility

The New Brabançonne

client: STIB/MIVB

Feet ©

client: Brussels Mobility

The Poncho Poster

client: Bike for Brussels

Equal Pay Day

Women do about 75% of the unpaid work worldwide. The COVID pandemic has only increased this inequality. To address this, mortierbrigade created a visual and a video showing that now we work more from home, the message of balancing chores is more important than ever.

client: Equal Pay Day

Broken electronics filled the stadium

client: Recupel

The calming end of a chaotic year

client: De Morgen