HUMO Your answer to phishing and other e-misery Clickbait, phishing, fake news, … we all hate it yet we all fall for it. Luckily the new Digital Humo helps you escape these kinds of e-misery!
De Morgen Clearly Zwangere Guy Zwangere Guy, Artist of the year, made a rap song with De Morgen to question everything that happened the past year.
De Warmste Week We couldn’t imagine a more beautiful hand for 2019 We couldn’t imagine a more beautiful hand for 2019. Check out more here:
Dreamland The Sint scanner To celebrate this magical belief and the arrival of « The Sint » we developed an AR Instagram filter to scan children’s faces to see how good they have been. Check it out.
De Morgen Clearly De Morgen People are facing an overload of opinions and statements through online and social media. Is the difference between facts and fiction still clear?
HUMO A free STD On the occasion of World AIDS Day on 1st December, Humo is giving free condoms away. So, to spread the word, we spread STD.
ING LOVE. HATE. DEBATE. For the very first time, ING is unveiling pieces of art from its own collection to the public. The exhibition Love. Hate. Debate. invites to start the conversation and gives the floor, not only to experts or art-lovers, but to everyone.
ING We are living life to the full Our new campaign for ING Insurance is an invitation to live life to the full, regardless of the situation.
DreamLand Unwrap your dreams Our first commercial for Dreamland features 3 boys and their toys and a lot of magic!