Equal Pay Day It’s handy to have a dick Kids do it as a joke; shaking hands through their fly. Unfortunately, it's not only a kids’ joke...
Ardennes-étape Stays that stay with you forever A campaign for Ardennes-étape. They offer stays with complete comfort, surrounded by the most beautiful nature that Belgium has to offer. The ideal circumstances to really get to know your friends and family.
Mooimakers Give some love to the places you love This Mooimakers campaign has an erotic touch, asking people to give some love to the places they love, by cleaning them up.
De Morgen The Dream Final “The Dream Final” is an AI-experiment for newspaper De Morgen. It shows the final of the World Cup Football in Qatar with the presence of everyone that wasn’t allowed in real life.
Tec7 Sticky ads Tec7 has professional glues that work on every surface, even radio ads.
STIB/MIVB STIB ft. Youssef Swatt's - Respect Official reports of verbal aggression against public transport staff used as basis for rap song.
Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen The counting kid More than 18,000 children on the move fell off the radar in 2 years’ time.
Equal Pay Day Apply your skills to the household This campaign is a friendly and funny reminder to all men to do their part of the household chores, because they already have the skills. They just must apply them. And help close the wage gap.
Willy Life doesn’t always rock Willy fights the less fortunate moments in life with a remedy they offer all day, every day: rock music.