Recupel Old and faulty electronic devices occupy the seats supporters would normally have sat in. 9 million faulty electronic devices are gathering dust in drawers and attics in homes across Belgium.
ING Share the #FootballMadness How do you celebrate a goal in a world where you can’t hug each other?
Brussels Mobility "Feet ©" We are proud to present you “Feet ©", the new way to get around Brussels.
Bike for Brussels The Poncho Poster o motivate Brussels residents to always take their bikes, Brussels Mobility and mortierbrigade transformed every campaign poster into a designer poncho.
Hans Anders Open your eyes and ears to open your mind. Don’t stay on the bench your entire life because of expensive glasses.
Equal Pay Day Just because dad works from home doesn’t mean he does more at home. Men still earn more than women and one of the main reasons for this is our division of roles at home: 8 out of 10 Belgian women take care of household chores every day.
Recupel A new life for old lamps. Lamps are tiny things that might seem unimportant. But they shed their light on many memorable moments in our lives.
Lotto A whole lotta lotto love… A whole lotta lotto love… Enjoy this heartwarming magic film in cold and crazy times.
Pink Ribbon Spare her my hair A wig makes a huge emotional difference for breast cancer patients. To launch Pink Ribbons call to donate your ponytail, we searched for the most improbable hair donor: Herman Brusselmans, whose hair you don’t really want to wear.